In an effort to “Flatten the Curve” we are now offering online counseling sessions.
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Welcome to True North Counseling Group

The idea behind True North, at it’s core, is the idea that we each carry the key to our own happiness and contentment. This comes not from collecting things or experiences, but from allowing ourselves to authentically be present in our own lives. This is not a prescribed, systematized, homogenized way of being; but allowing ourselves to become the person we were always meant to be.

As kids we are curious, adventurous creatures who are willing to take risks and experiment with life. There is a real joy that comes with the freedom to take risks and make mistakes. As we grow we are taught to avoid the pain of mistakes and avoid making “bad choices.” This makes us afraid to take the risks we once found such a natural part of who we are. We feel anxious and unsure about who we are and where we are headed. We worry that other’s will see us as flighty, as selfish. This further creates distrust in our internal intuitive knowing who we are.

  • What if you could have that back?
  • What if you could feel free to be yourself regardless of the situation in which you found yourself; without judgment, without worry?

This is what True North hopes to be, a place where people can come to discover a more authentic way of living. We want to help you become that kid, who was carefree and playful and unafraid to discover the abundance life has to offer.

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